Role of Intravitreal Bevacizumab (Avastin) in Diffuse Diabetic Macular Edema


  • Rafeen Talpur, Muhammad Jawed, Fariha S. Wali, Faisal Taqvi, Shehnilla Shujaat



Purpose: To observe the changes in best corrected Visual Acuity (VA) and central macular thickness after intravitreal injection of Bevacizumab (Avastin) in patients suffering from diffuse macular edema.

Study Design: Observational study.

Place and Duration of Study: Sindh Institute of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Hyderabad, Sindh. From July 2017 to December 2017.

Material and Methods: 50 eyes from 29 patients suffering from diffuse Diabetic Macular Edema (DME) were given intravitreal bevacizumab. Patients with VA ? 20/60, HBA1C ? 7.5 % were included. While, patients with high diabetic profile, high blood pressure, increased blood urea and creatinine level and past history of stroke were excluded. Slit-lamp examination was performed to observe the number of anterior chamber cells. Best corrected VA investigated by early treatment diabetic retinopathy study (ETDRS) chart and complete ocular examination was performed on each patient. Swept source Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) was used for the measurement of Central Macular Thickness (CMT).

Results: 50 eyes of 29 patients between 35 and 75 years of age (mean 49.28 ± 8.16 years) were given Intravitreal injection of Bevacizumab. The Base line VA & central macular thickness mean were noted, significant increase in VA & decrease in macular thickness after 3 months of 3rd administration of injection Avastin was confirmed by OCT. Two way ANOVA was used to analyze the data.

Conclusion: Bevacizumab plays an important role in reducing diabetic macular edema and improving vision. Stability and increase in VA was observed and CMT in diabetic macular edema was decreased after intravitreal injection of bevacizumab.

Key Words: Bevacizumab, Diabetic macular edema, Vascular endothelial Growth Factor.




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