Pterygium Excision with Adjunctive Subconjunctival Bevacizumab


  • Narain Das, Shakir Zafar, Asma Shams



Purpose: To analyze the efficacy of bevacizumab in primary pterygium excision.

Study Design: Randomized controlled clinical trial.

Place and Duration of Study: Study was done at Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical College, Lyari General Hospital, Karachi. Duration of study was six months from 15th October, 2016 to 15th April, 2017.

Material and Methods: 34 eyes of 34 patients (males 22, females 12) with age range from 35 to 60 years (mean age of 45 years SD ± 12.2 years) were included. All patients of primary pterygium were selected and divided into two groups, Group I underwent bevacizumab therapy (0.2 ml which is equal to 5 mg) and Group II placebo (0.2 ml balanced salt solution) given by sub conjunctival injection. After completing all necessary stages of surgery, 0.2 ml (5 mg) bevacizumab was injected in the inferior fornix. All patients were followed for 6 months. Postoperative complications and recurrence were noted. Recurrence was defined as any fibrovascular extension that passed the corneal limbus by more than 1 mm.

Results: The average time for each procedure was 30 ± 10 minutes. During follow up period, the recurrence was noted in 5 patients. 2 eyes out of 17 (11.76%) in group I and 3 eyes out of 17 (17.64%) in group II. Postoperative conjunctival vascularization occurred in 1 patient in group I and 2 patients in group II and subconjunctival hemorrhage occurred in 4 patients in group I and 2 patients in group II while no other ocular complications were observed in any group.

Conclusion: Bevacizumab injection subconjunctivaly showed statistically no significant effect on recurrence of pterygium and having no significant adverse effects.

Key Words: Subconjunctival injection, Bevacizumab, Pterygium Excision.




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