Persistent Lower Lid Swelling in an Infant – Impacted Foreign Body!


  • Javeria Nasir Patel Hospital
  • Anum Javed
  • Owais Arshad
  • Mohammad Hanif` Chatni
Keywords: Foreign body, ocular trauma, eyelid


Ophthalmologists, including general practitioners definitely encounter ocular foreign bodies in their clinics. The
conjunctival fornices are potential sites of impaction. We report a case of a 9-month infant boy who was referred to us for a persistent lower lid swelling for one month. He had already been to an eye specialist before presenting to us. Upon examination, a round, pink coloured, toy cart-wheel came out of his lower eye lid of the right eye. Surprisingly, there was no associated conjunctival or adnexal damage. The authors wish to emphasize the importance of taking a thorough history and adequate general physical examination. A missing part of a toy, elucidated on history, should always raise the suspicion among parents and/or care givers for a probable foreign body in infants and children.

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